As an elite premier and an Olympic Development Program (ODP) player, I workout a lot - five to seven days a week before or after school and on weekends. Many of my teammates do also and that is one major factor in our success. We have more speed, endurance, more powerful kicks and less injuries.


100ft Steep Hill Workout

Off-Season Workout

I have been fortunate enough to have parents that support my training with the proper equipment and trainers. I am creating this page to show you what I have learned in case you do not have access to trainers. Most of these exercises can be done without expensive tools and machines. In fact, I am convinced the single best thing anyone can do are push-ups.

I will cover the three most important topics I have learned which are:

1) Neck strength training for concussion prevention
2) Proper warm-up, form and technique
3) Nutrition

I end specifically with concussion content from
Ralph CornWell, PhD, because it is such an important topic to all of us. Ralph has contributed so much to the study of concussions and found that strengthening the neck can go far in reducing the consequences. If you read nothing else here, please educate yourself by reviewing the information and the videos I have added for you. I dedicate my last module on concussions to my FSA teammates Emma D. and Rebecca who I miss being on the field with and cannot wait for their return.

A special thank you to Tony Poggiali with Adrenaline Sports & Fitness and the girls from Lakota West for their support with video and content. Tony's company has one of the most comprehensive sports training facilities in the US. Visit him and his staff at http://www.adrenalinesf.com.

I specifically like his philosophy for "Multi-Sport" athletes. He states "Multi-sport athletes have unique needs vs. single-sport athletes. We will stimulate, not annihilate to produce the maximum results regardless of season status. We don't necessarily embrace 'sports specific training' as it is being called in today's culture and marketing."

There is a lot that I could say but I will try to cut to the chase and show you some of the basics I do daily in the weight room. This is in addition to our regular field time and conditioning practices in all my sports - primarily soccer. I will add more periodically so please check back for updates.

My workout schedule and its frequency depends on the amount of homework or other activities I have such as volunteering for my school's leadership program. Do not feel guilty if you have to skip a workout as your priorities may be different.

I hope this helps you!

"Pain is weakness leaving the body!"
- US Marine Corps Workout Philosophy
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